Are there scars after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery will leave an incision line. However, these can be minimised over time

Have you been considering breast reduction surgery? You probably have many concerns and questions, and one is probably about what scars it may leave.

As with any surgical procedure, breast reduction requires incisions that will leave scars to some degree.

Are scars avoidable?

Scars are inevitable with any surgery, and this includes any form of breast surgery.

But wait, the good news is that there are ways in which scars can be significantly reduced during and after surgery.

Why the surgical technique matters

The extent of your scarring from the breast reduction surgery will depend on the type of reduction technique that your surgeon uses

The traditional breast reduction technique leaves an anchor-shape scar. This means there is a circular scar around the areolar, a vertical scar and a long horizontal scar in the fold under the breast.

However, Associate Professor Dean White chooses the minimal scar technique. Utilising this method, Mr Dean White can eliminate the long horizontal scar beneath the breast. This also assists in preserving breast tissue found in the cleavage area.

It also offers a better sensation to the nipple, a better projection, and long term results.

The minimal scar technique performed by Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne tends to reduce the chances of wound healing issues.

To sum up, the benefits of Dean White’s minimal scar approach, include:

  • Reduction in the amount of scarring
  • Preserves more cleavage
  • Longer-term results
  • Reduced chance of wound healing complications
  • Increased sensation of the nipple
  • Reduced chance of necrosis (tissue death)

Read about breast reduction from Associate Professor Dean White.

What do the scars look like?

In most cases, surgical incision scars initially look like a thin, raised line across the skin.

To begin with, scars will be reddish or pinkish; however, as the scar heals, it will change. The scar usually fade and flatten – this may take months or a year.

The good news is, the minimal scar method leaves scars that shouldn’t be at all visible while wearing a bra or bikini.

Scars can change

It’s essential to take care and receive treatment for your scarred tissue if you want to reduce the appearance.

If you have a breast reduction from Dean White, he will provide you with valuable details on how to care and maintain your scars properly. He will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Some forms of car maintenance include:

Scar massage

Gentle movements using your fingertips – gently massage the scar horizontally and vertically, as well as in circles. This can begin two weeks after your surgery.

Unfortunately, failing to maintain your scar tissue can lead to scars becoming more visible over time. Scarring can be worsened by:

  • Tanning
  • Tobacco use
  • Scrubbing too much
  • Scratching the area

Sunscreen application

No matter if you have scars or not, it’s important to wear sunscreen every time you plan on going outdoors. The suns UV rays kill the cells in our skin and cause scar tissue to darken post-surgery.

Speak to Associate Professor Dean White

Are you thinking about breast reduction surgery? Or have scars from your breast reduction surgery? It’s best to speak to Associate Professor Dean White, who is an expert in these areas. Contact him today.


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