Is breast reduction surgery an option for you?

Breast reduction surgery, as with any surgery, is a big decision to make.

Mr Dean White’s wealth of experience means our Melbourne patients are given superior care with excellent results. Fully committed to a culture of surgical excellence, Mr White ensures you are treated with the very latest techniques, technologies and research. To find a perfect breast surgeon is an altogether subjective quest, but Mr Dean White will always make the decisions that have your best interests at heart and that you feel confident in the undertaking.

Melbourne locals can receive individualised suggestions by reaching out to a top-tier plastic surgeon in Melbourne CBD like A/Prof White. 

Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can have an array of benefits for those who decide to undergo the procedure and every woman will have their own reasons for doing so. For women who have large, heavy breasts, they can sometimes experience pain in the neck and back due to the strain placed on those areas. They may also cause the bra strap to dig into shoulders which can also be quite painful. Aside from the painful aspects of having large breasts, they can also cause skin irritations like rashes and fungal infections underneath them.

Large breasts can also be notoriously difficult to dress. For some, clothes may not fit quite like they would like them to. They can also be a barrier to physical movement and mobility and can have a negative effect on one’s posture. Breast reduction surgery can also be used in order to provide a woman’s body with an element of symmetry and help to achieve a more pleasing shape and balance between the breasts and body.

Breast reduction surgery is a complex and lengthy procedure. It is always best to consult with an experienced and skilled surgeon who has experience performing breast reduction surgery.

Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

Recovery from breast reduction surgery is dependent on the individual patient. Each patient heals at different speeds following a major surgical procedure. That being said, you can usually rely on a few rules of thumb in terms of the time it’ll take you to get back on your feet. Directly following your breast reduction surgery, you will need to spend one or two nights in hospital for observation (which is usually precautionary). The treated area may be a little tender and uncomfortable for a few days after your surgery which is completely normal.

After a couple of weeks, you should slowly begin to recover your mobility and should be back to your daily activities and routines shortly after this period. We would encourage you to take two to three weeks off work and possibly, even more, should your job be physically demanding or stressful. This timeframe can be discussed with Mr White. Naturally, any heavy lifting, gym, aerobics and running should be left until you are fully recovered.

Breast Reduction Surgery with Mr White

Mr Dean White will take the time to explain complex surgical procedures with you, discussing their drawbacks and their merits, as well as providing clear written information about the surgery and its costs. We believe that it is imperative that you are afforded all of the respect and compassion required to effectively address your concerns and to provide you with the very best standards of surgical care.

Should you have any questions concerning our breast reductions surgery or want to make an appointment with Mr Dean White, contact us now.


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