Is Breast Reduction Surgery Painful?

Mr Dean White and his team in Melbourne are committed to delivering high-quality care and surgical treatments

Mr Dean White believes that the relationship between patient and physician is of paramount importance and that a preoperative consultation should be scheduled before all treatments and breast reduction surgery is no different.

This will allow us to fully evaluate your overall health status, determine any risk factors to the surgery, educate as you as much as you need about the procedure and to discuss it in detail with you. During this initial phase, we will also address your understanding and expectations of the surgery itself as well discussing the possibility of alternative treatment options.

Following this, we will develop a treatment plan tailored to suit your needs. A well-constructed plan for the surgery can hugely improve recovery time and the risk of surgical complications. We advocate for patients always receiving attentive, comprehensive postoperative care that should commence directly after any procedure, in this case after breast reduction surgery.

The type of surgery the patient undergoes will determine the nature of the care that they receive. This usually includes wound treatment and pain management. Once patients have been discharged from the hospital, it is vitally important that Mr White’s instructions are followed to the letter.

Mr White will also insist on scheduling several visits, anywhere from a few days to a year after your surgery to monitor your healing progress.

For anyone living in Victoria, consulting a leading plastic surgeon in Melbourne like A/Prof Dean White can provide invaluable insights tailored to your unique needs. 

Why Choose Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are many legitimate reasons for someone to consider getting breast reduction surgery and the procedure itself is relatively common. Patients may have the surgery to reduce the amount of stress inflicted on other areas of the body as a result of the weight of their breasts. This weight can cause back and neck pain and bra straps to dig into one’s skin which can be a source of discomfort.

Some patients may also have trouble finding clothes that fit their shape or indeed just desire a to improve their aesthetics. Breasts can even affect your posture and your ability to exercise effectively. A reduction gives patients the ability to improve both of those areas.

Minimum Scarring Techniques in Breast Reduction Surgery

In a normal breast reduction surgery, the technique creates a scar pattern similar to that of an anchor. Mr White makes use of a scar reducing technique that seeks to eliminate the long horizontal scar that is prevalent underneath the breast when the surgery is complete.

Mr White believes there to be a number of benefits in his method, namely:

  • A visible reduction in scarring. The scarring from traditional breast surgeries are visible in the cleavage area and are known to cause puckers or ‘dog ears’, these can occur under the arms as well.
  • The preservation of breast tissue in the cleavage area and its removal in the lower parts and under the arm.
  • Less wound healing issues.
  • More durability, meaning more effective long-term results.
  • Better projection (perkiness)
  • Improved sensation and much less risk of nipple necrosis.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Timeline

After breast reduction surgery, patients can expect a hospital stay of one or two nights while your healing is monitored and any treatment for pain administered. Naturally, after a surgery, the area will remain a bit uncomfortable for a few days.

At two weeks you should be gradually increasing your mobility and taking on daily routines without exerting yourself. You should start driving only when you feel able to do so and no heavy lifting, gym or any other strenuous movements until after six weeks.

Mr Dean White is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon who takes a vested interest in his patients mental and physical wellbeing. If you are considering breast reduction surgery and have any queries or would like to make an appointment with Mr White, click here.


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