Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Mr Dean White is one of Melbourne’s foremost reconstructive surgeons and offers the highest quality breast augmentation surgery and care

A preoperative consultation is a vital part of the relationship between you and your surgeon. In doing so, Mr White will be able to thoroughly evaluate the status of your health, determine any risk factors, educate you on the breast augmentation surgery itself and discuss in detail the procedure and what to expect.

For those residing in the Melbourne area, consulting a renowned plastic surgeon in Melbourne CBD like A/Prof Dean White will offer tailored recommendations based on individual needs. 

In this first stage of your interaction with Mr White, you will begin to understand the finer points of your surgery, discuss alternative treatments and be made aware of the complications. Then, you will work closely with Mr White in order to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. He is a meticulous surgeon who uses well-planned and efficient breast augmentation surgery techniques to ensure you receive the highest standards of surgical excellence.

This initial appointment always needs an extended consultation. A second consultation a couple of weeks later may also be recommended. This will give you enough time to reflect on what has been shared with you regarding your surgery.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery can be beneficial in a number of ways. The procedure involves the placement of the implant underneath the breast tissue or the muscles of the chest wall. By doing this, we can increase the size of the breast, restore symmetry to the breasts and improve their shape.

Breast augmentation surgery can enlarge your breasts, give you improved projection and added cleavage. In many cases, women find one breast to be larger than the other and this can also be addressed by breast augmentation surgery. Motherhood may also deflate your breasts and they may sag – the same goes for extreme weight loss.

Breast augmentation surgery is also sought out by women who would like to improve their proportion and feel that their natural breasts don’t compliment the rest of their body. Breast augmentation surgery can also be used post-surgery in a reconstructive sense.

What Does Breast Augmentation Entail?

All breast augmentation surgeries are performed under general anaesthetic to ensure your comfort and safety during the procedure. The surgery usually takes around two hours to complete. The exact details of your surgery will be discussed in great detail with Mr White but more often than not, a small incision about 6cm in length is made under the breast in order to place your implant. Once this incision has been made, a small space is opened either just above or below the muscle so that your implant can be inserted.

Mr Dean White will always consider:

  • Your safety being of the utmost importance and will do everything possible to ensure your surgery is efficient and comfortable.
  • Making sure we have addressed any concerns you may have raised about the surgery.
  • Achieving excellent projection or ‘perkiness’
  • Achieving ample cleavage
  • Minimising scars as much as possible
  • Creating a lasting, durable and pleasing shape

We take great pride in our ability to offer not only high-quality surgical treatment and care but also to listen to our patient’s needs and concerns. Mr Dean White offers his patients in Melbourne a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments including breast augmentation surgery. We are patient-centric and incredibly passionate about providing the highest levels of treatment and care to our patients.

Should you wish to make an appointment with us or want more information on our breast augmentation treatments, please click here.


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