Is liposuction worth it?

Liposuction helps patients achieve their ideal contour by removing fat from specific areas of the body. 

The decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure is very personal and there are many factors to consider before going ahead with a treatment. If you are struggling with stubborn areas of fat that have proven resistant to diet and exercise, liposuction might be suitable for you. Read on to find out what you should know about the procedure, and if it may be worth it for you…

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Why consider liposuction?

Liposuction is often an effective option for individuals who are at a stable and healthy body weight but are struggling with specific areas of fat or are not satisfied with the shape of their body. The treatment is not suitable as a method of weight loss, which is very important to know before undergoing treatment. You should also be in good overall health, and not suffer from any chronic illness that could increase your risk of surgical complications.

You might consider liposuction if you would like to improve the contours of your body. Some of the most common liposuction treatment areas include the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, calves, ankles, chest, back, hips, thighs, chin and neck. Liposuction is also sometimes performed as part of a breast reduction surgery, or as part of gynecomastia treatment.

What are the risks?

If you are trying to decide whether or not liposuction is right for you, you must consider the risks associated with the procedure. Although the risk of complications is low, there are always some potential side effects associated with any surgery. 

Some of the possible risks of liposuction include temporary fluid accumulation under the skin; numbness in the target area; bumpy skin as a result of poor skin elasticity or uneven fat removal; bleeding; and a reaction to the anaesthetic. For more details see our information on the risks associated with liposuction.

Although liposuction is considered a safe procedure, it is important that you are informed about the potential risks and that you raise any questions or concerns with your surgeon before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the treatment.

What kind of results can you expect?

The goals of liposuction include decreasing excess fat and producing a more aesthetically pleasing figure. During the procedure, fat cells are removed from the target area. Over time, the skin shapes itself to the new contours of the target area and, when all swelling has subsided, you should notice a smoother, leaner body shape.

The results of a liposuction procedure can be expected to last for many years as long as you maintain a stable weight. If you do put on weight following your liposuction procedure, you will gain fat cells but your fat distribution can change.

It is important to note that liposuction works best on individuals who have good skin elasticity and that the treatment does not resolve cellulite or stretch marks.

Is it worth it?

Ultimately, the decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure is personal, so you will need to consider both the potential risks and the results of the procedure before deciding if it’s right for you. If you are healthy and fit and are considering liposuction, we encourage you to come in for a consultation. This will allow you to ask any questions that you have, and Associate Professor Dean White will provide you with any information that you require. He will also guide you through the steps of the treatment and advise you as to whether or not you are suited to the procedure.

How can we help?

Associate Professor Dean White offers a range of cosmetic treatments, including liposuction. He performs the procedure in accredited hospitals and always has a specialist anaesthetist present during the treatment.

If you would like to find out more about liposuction, please have a look at the videos in which Associate Professor Dean White talks about the details of the procedure; explains the difference between liposuction and abdominoplasty; and discusses the liposuction recovery process.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Associate Professor Dean White has been performing aesthetic surgery for several years and offers a range of treatments, including procedures for the face, body and breasts.


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