What You Need to Know About Breast Lift Surgery

Do you want to reshape, reposition and rejuvenate your breasts?

Mr Dean White and his experienced team of health professionals in Melbourne, offer breast lifts to do just that.

It can be quite difficult to find the perfect breast surgeon. Mostly, it will come down to your own feelings about them and how well you connect in your consultations. Mr Dean White is among the most highly sought after plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Melbourne and is utterly passionate about helping his patients to achieve their unique goals. As someone considering breast lift surgery, the most important decision you will make is when you choose your cosmetic surgeon. Mr Dean White performs many breast lift surgeries each year and has received training from some of the finest medical institutions around.

We urge prospective patients to make an appointment with us so that you are able to gauge the level of professionalism here the practice. For now, let’s further explore breast lift surgery.

If you’re in the Victoria region and contemplating a breast reduction Melbourne, reaching out to renowned plastic surgeon in Melbourne like A/Prof Dean White can be your next step towards obtaining individualised recommendations. 

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure that is tasked with restoring an aesthetically pleasing shape to breasts that are sagging by making them firmer and perkier. Breast lifts are often one of the most appreciated procedures by patients because of the transformation effect that it has not only on their breasts, but how they feel about themselves as well. Sagging breasts can be hugely detrimental to a woman’s sense of femininity. Not only is a breast lift able to restore a youthful look and more pleasing proportions, but it can also allow you to feel comfortable in your clothes again and to fill your bras and swimsuits more comfortably.

Mr Dean White will remove the excess, stretched out skin in order to reshape your breast tissue. He will then raise the nipple and areola towards a more central and forward-facing position to create a more youthful looking breast contour. If you feel that your areolas are too large, Mr Dean White can also reduce their size during the procedure which we hope will result in an overall better proportioned, natural looking breast.

So Why Choose a Breast Lift?

There are any number of reasons that you may be considering breast lift surgery. Each of your decisions should be personal and relevant to your own unique requirements. Generally, a breast lift is tasked with restoring the shape of breasts following the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnancy has the potential to wreak havoc with your breasts and can leave them quite saggy and deflated. Even a breast lift that doesn’t include implants can help to reverse these changes and to return your breasts to their former firmness.

Weight loss is another factor that could contribute to your need for breast lift surgery. This is due to the loss of breast volume that you can experience when losing significant amounts of weight. A breast lift can address this lack of volume by removing the excess skin and give you back your proportional, youthful breast shape. Maybe you never had gorgeous, perky breasts in the first place. Maybe, since your teen years, you have yearned for breasts that don’t droop or slouch. Breast lift surgery can give you the breasts that you have always wanted and return them to their best form.

We are incredibly patient-centric and are always going the extra mile in order to deliver superior standards of surgical treatment and care. Take the first steps to your ideal breast shape here.


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