Patients are urged to seek accredited facilities for their procedures

Recent news has sparked Mr Dean White’s concern for patients visiting ill-equipped facilities for serious procedures

Complications with surgical procedures do happen, even if they are advertised as ‘less invasive’ surgeries. There is particular concern regarding surgeries performed using twilight sedation and local sedation as it is up to the practitioner to ensure that the patient is given enough to stop pain, while balancing the amount without going into dangerous territory (overdose via anaesthetic).

In a recent article featured on a patient was put into a dangerous situation when a “routine procedure” quickly turned sour.  The woman reportedly went into an overdose during a breast procedure using local sedation performed by The Cosmetic Institute. There are still some occurrences which are being evaluated, however, this does not change the case that the patient had to be rushed from the ill-equipped place of operation to Westmead Hospital to receive proper emergency care.

Patients need to consider location, quality of the facilities as well as price

Mr Dean White is concerned that the price of paying for the proper fully accredited facilities is driving some patients to choose treatment at smaller, ill-equipped places of operation that don’t have to pay for hospital overheads. Access to emergency care is a consideration that needs to be just as important as the cost of treatment itself, as a trip to the hospital could literally mean the difference between life and death in some situations.

Mr Dean White shares his opinion on this matter:

“It is important that medical procedures are done in fully accredited facilities with the ability to care for you in the unlikely event of complications – rather than needing to be transferred when they occur.”

This will ensure that you receive the emergency care you need. While these complications do not always arise, they still occur frequently enough to be a concern for all patients considering surgery, especially surgery such as breast surgery or liposuction.

What to ask your surgeon to ensure your safety

During your consultation, you should be given the opportunity to ask your surgeon a number of questions surrounding your surgery. Apart from any surgery-specific information, you should also ask your surgeon about their:

  • Qualifications
  • Safety procedures
  • Facilities ability to deal with an emergency

Mr Dean White is open about his safety procedures as well as the facilities he employs to perform his surgeries. All Mr Dean White’s procedures are performed at accredited facilities including the Epworth Eastern Hospital.

We hope that you will take the facilities of your surgery into consideration when selecting your plastic surgeon Melbourne like A/Prof Dean White.

If you have any questions about Mr Dean White’s safety procedures or access to accredited facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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