This Time Next Year with Mr Dean White

This time last year, a Victorian mother went on the well-known TV show; ‘This Time Next Year’, revealing her plans to have her H-cup breasts reduced to a D.

Mrs Williams had the show taken by surprise, “This time next year I will have the boobs that I have always wanted.”

In this blog, we reveal how having H-size breasts affected her, and how our very own Mr Dean White assisted.

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How Breast Size Affected Her

This Victorian woman explained how having big boobs has left her feeling like an “alien”. She said, “They’re H cup, so basically you could put the cup of my bra on your head as a hat” and explained how her breasts “tend to enter the room before I do”.

Pre-teen, she skipped over cup sizes A, B, C, D and “. . . then just kept going” she said.

She went on to explain how uncomfortable it was having breasts her size, “I’ve got horrible back pain, shoulder pain. Things like going for a run with my kids, I’ve got to make sure that I’m well strapped in.”

She added how difficult day-to-day errands or activities affected her and her physical wellbeing, “So just that spontaneous play in the park and things like that really get impacted.”

How Mr Dean White Helped

The television show showed Mrs Williams undergoing her surgery, with Mr Dean White.

After the show, Mrs Williams wasn’t done fulfilling her pledge, telling host Karl Stefanovic there was one more thing she wanted to do.

“I’d actually really like to burn my bra,” she said, lighting one of her old bras on fire with glee.

Well done, Mr Dean White!


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