Weight loss and excess skin

When you have gone on a weight loss journey, you may have imagined a toned and tight body at the end of the road.

However, sometimes, loose skin often hangs around on your now, slimmer body. This can be incredibly frustrating as this loose skin may stop you from showing off the immense effort to which you had gone to lose weight. You may even find yourself reluctant to buy clothing in your new size, instead opting for larger sizes in an attempt to conceal the loose skin.

For those residing in the Melbourne area, consulting a renowned plastic surgeon in Melbourne CBD like A/Prof Dean White will offer tailored recommendations based on individual needs.

Not only can this excess skin be a cause of cosmetic concern, but it can also develop rashes, infections and cause you back pain. It may even get in the way of being as active as you would like.

Perspiration can become trapped in the loose skin causing you to get a rash. This can also lead to yeast infections. Whether or not loose skin bothers you on a superficial level, maintaining a healthy body will likely require you to remove this loose skin.

When Skin Does Not Bounce Back

Think of your skin like a balloon. When you inflate a balloon, its “skin” will stretch to cover a larger area, however, once the balloon is deflated, the “skin” will no longer be as tight. The longer you were overweight, the less elastic your skin will become. The speed at which you lost this weight does not affect the elasticity of your skin. The elasticity loss will be determined by the amount of time your skin had been stretched.

What Can Be Done

Fortunately, loose skin can be surgically removed, enabling you to achieve that body you have worked so hard to achieve. Removing the loose skin can help your body to look slimmer and also reduce the chances of skin rashes and other complications. At Dean White Plastic Surgery, we are equipped to remove this excess skin from the areas of the body where it causes the most concern. The procedures offered include:

Abdominoplasty: Colloquially known as a “tummy tuck”, this procedure can slim down the abdominal area by removing excess skin and fat. After undergoing significant weight loss, you may find that your abdomen has a significant amount of loose skin, a “tummy tuck” can help to alleviate this.

Brachioplasty: Bingo wings can come in the form of excess arm fat or excess arm skin. A brachioplasty can remove this excess skin on the upper arm area. Enabling you to wear a t-shirt or vest with a smile.

Thigh Reduction Surgery: Another area of concern involves the thighs. A thigh reduction surgery involves treatment of excess skin in the upper thighs. Commonly, this issue arises after a significant amount of weight loss, however, sometimes this area can become troublesome with the normal ageing process.

If you are experiencing excess skin, we want to help you. We can help add that final touch to streamline your body. Sometimes, losing weight is not the end of the journey to achieving a slimmer and more toned physique. If there is still work that needs to be done; contact Dean White Plastic Surgery and we can assist.


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