Breast Implant Removal

The goal is to either completely remove or replace the breast implants.

Breast Implant Removal Melbourne

For patients who’ve undergone breast augmentations, the goal of breast implant removal surgery is to either completely remove or replace their breast implants

While breast augmentation Melbourne is a popular procedure for women looking to enhance the appearance of their breasts, breast implant removal is an increasingly common procedure. Implants aren’t designed to last a lifetime, and as your body changes, you may feel you’re no longer getting the results you desire from your implants.

If your preferences have changed, or you have suffered medical complications as a result of the implants, breast implant removal may be right for you. 

Breast implant removal Melbourne

Why undergo breast implant removal or revision surgery?

There are several reasons you may be considering a change with regards to your breast implants. Some of the most common include:

Changing Preferences

One of the main reasons for undergoing removal surgery is a change in preferences. Patients often express a desire to return to a more natural shape or look, while others are simply dissatisfied with their original breast augmentation surgery and wish to revise their shape and size.

A change in preference is particularly common among older women with implants, as they’ve likely experienced changes to the body from weight fluctuations or as a result of pregnancy, which can affect the look and feel of their implants. In these cases, other revision procedures are usually undertaken to shape the remaining breast tissue which may have become stretched due to the implant. 

Health Complications

Like all medical procedures, there is a risk of complications that require your implants to be removed or replaced. For example, although durable in nature, implants can rupture and leak fluid. This can lead to further infection and requires the damaged implant to be removed.

Patients diagnosed with breast cancer will also probably need to remove the implants completely to receive effective treatment. You may also experience capsular contracture – a hardening of the breast area – as well as prolonged neck, back or chest pain. In these situations, it is a good time to re-evaluate your overall cosmetic goals with your Melbourne plastic surgeon A/Prof Dean White and decide whether you would like to completely remove your implants or opt for an alternative shape or size. 

Breast Implant Illness

An increasing number of women have described suffering a raft of chronic illnesses they attribute to their implants. Although a definitive link has yet to be established, women report symptoms such as headaches, rashes, chronic fatigue, joint pain, anxiety and a range of autoimmune deficiencies. Although medical evidence is insufficient, many patients report an improvement in these chronic symptoms following implant removal.


Recently, implants have also been linked to an extremely rare form of cancer known as Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). BIA-ALCL is not breast cancer, but rather a form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

To date, it has occurred exclusively in relation to patients who’ve had textured implants inserted. The most common symptom is consistent swelling in the space between the implant and breast implant capsule. When caught at an early stage, treatment involves removing the breast implants.

Explant Surgery Melbourne

Macro-textured (Very rough) implants have been removed from the market – although in the absence of other signs at this stage it is not recommended that they be removed from patients with them in place.

Micro-textured (Less rough) implants are thought to have a risk of approximately 1 in 50000.

If any of these factors are relevant to you, breast implant replacement or removal may be right for you. If you do wish to make a change, there are a number of different cosmetic surgery procedures depending on your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You may experience discomfort and swelling for several weeks after implant removal. 

Your breasts will not be the same as they were before breast augmentation surgery. Implants can cause the skin to stretch and loosen, so the breast shape, size, and appearance is likely to differ from how they were beforehand to some extent.

The procedure is performed with anaesthetic. Post-surgery recovery typically involves some tenderness and discomfort for a few weeks. Over-the-counter pain relief can generally help this.

There are several reasons why breast implants may be removed and/or replaced. These may include changes in preference regarding appearance due to factors such as ageing, weight fluctuations, and changes acquired during pregnancy. 
As with all surgical procedures, risks are involved, and this can include implant ruptures and fluid leaks. In these cases, implants must be removed, and replacements may be inserted if appropriate. 
People diagnosed with breast cancer may also require implant removal. Replacement surgery may be possible in the future depending on circumstances.

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