Is there a way to lift breasts naturally?

Unfortunately not every woman has the breasts that they desire, as many may have asymmetrical or drooping breasts.

However, there are a number of ways to address aesthetic breast issues. Many women want to lift their breasts as they sag and droop down.

The most common treatment for sagging breasts is a breast lift, however not everyone wants surgery.

So, the question is, are there any alternatives to lift breasts naturally?

Yes there are a number of ways women can help improve their breasts.

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But first – the causes of breast drooping

Well it’s a natural occurrence for women to lose the original shape and position of their breasts as time goes on as elasticity is lost.

Here is a list of reasons that cause breast sagging:

  • Multiple pregnancies – the ligaments which support the breasts stretch and droop as they get heavier to support the baby
  • Breastfeeding can cause drooping of the breasts
  • Larger breasts are more likely to start sagging over time
  • Being overweight can cause breast drooping
  • Smoking causes skin to lose elasticity, ultimately leading to more breast sagging
  • Extreme weight loss alters the appearance of the chest
  • Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays causes a loss of collagen and skin elasticity
  • Menopausal changes impact skin elasticity
  • High intensity activities and exercise can cause connective tissue to break down
  • Certain illnesses, such as breast cancer can weaken breast tissue and support

These are all causes of breast drooping and not all can be avoided. However, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious foods, water and sun safety you can reduce your chances.

What can help lift breasts naturally?


Breasts do not have muscles, however beneath the breasts is fibrous connective tissue and muscles that can be improved to increase the appearance of the chest.

Common exercises to improve the chest include pushups, swimming, curls and the bench press.


Maintaining the correct posture not only looks good, but also takes unnecessary stress off the joints and tissues that can contribute to the sagging of breasts. Correct posture distributes weight evenly, which will also help to prevent other chest and back pains.

Nutrition and diet

It’s important to eat a healthy balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals to ensure your skin stays healthy and strong for as long as possible. This will also help you to stay at an optimal weight, as being overweight can put pressure on your skin’s tissue, which can lead to sagging breasts.

Avoid tobacco products

Smoking tobacco is harmful to your skin and your overall health. Tobacco can lead to your skin ageing quicker and becoming less elastic, which can result in breasts drooping earlier than expected.

Bra support

Make sure to choose bras which are properly fitted and good quality. This will help your breasts by supporting them and reducing the strain and stress they undergo. Also, if you lose weight or gain weight, make sure to get correctly fitted bras again.

The bottom line

In time, your breasts will more than likely begin to sag down – it’s a natural process. The causes are listed above, and so it’s important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise, drink plenty of water and get correctly fitting bras to support your breasts.

Doing all these things will give you the best chances to avoid developing breasts which sag down.

Speak to Associate Professor Dean White

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