Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

A/Prof White has extensive experience in reconstructing a wide range of cases.

Reconstructive Surgery Melbourne

Restore form and function of the body

Reconstructive surgery – As a plastic surgeon, A/Prof Dean White has extensive experience in reconstructing a wide range of problems. The need for reconstructive surgery may arise as a result of injury (trauma), cancer or congenital (birth) defects.

Even the simplest looking issue can necessitate complex surgery. Often there are many ways to achieve this and it is important that the benefits and disadvantages of each are fully explained. We believe that the patient is an intricate part of the decision-making process. 

Reconstructive surgery
Reconstructive surgery Melbourne

Breast Reconstruction Surgery – This is performed either at the time of breast cancer surgery (wide excisions, mastectomies) or at a later stage. There are many options for breast reconstruction from moderately complex to extremely sophisticated surgery. They all have their pros and cons and not all are suitable for all patients.

A/Prof White works in conjunction with your breast care multidisciplinary team (Surgeons, Breast Care Nurses, Oncologists, Radiation experts and your Family Doctor) to make sure that the breast reconstruction is managed as part of your overall cancer management strategy. A/Prof White is well-versed and extensively trained in all reconstructive techniques and can help you to decide what is right for you.

Other areas where major reconstructive surgery may be necessary include road trauma, after significant burns and major skin cancer.

Associate Professor Dean White is a fully trained and experienced plastic surgeon and explains the difference between himself and a cosmetic surgeon.

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