The Cost of Breast Implants

Breast implants are devices that aim to alter the shape and size of breasts to create a desired appearance. There are various reasons someone may choose to have breast augmentation performed and there are multiple aspects to consider before deciding to have the surgery.

Choosing to have breast implants inserted is often a decision that focuses on aesthetic or comfort factors. The cost of breast implants is also a significant element to take on board. There are various aspects of the surgical process that impact the overall cost. For many people, the target outcome makes having breast augmentation worth the investment, while for some, finances could mean that the procedure is not suitable or one to put on hold. 

While we work to provide breast augmentation as an affordable option, the financial side of surgery must be considered to make a balanced decision. Our Melbourne Plastic Surgeon, A/Prof. Dean White can discuss with you comprehensively what is involved financially and how the cost of breast implants may influence your choice to undergo this cosmetic surgery. 

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are designed to alter the fullness, size, and/or shape of a person’s breasts. They are surgically inserted underneath the chest muscles or breast tissue, with placement and size dependent on factors such as the patient’s body type and the desired outcomes. Breast implants are usually filled with saline or silicone gel so that their appearance and feel are as realistic as possible. Saline breast implants offer the ability to adjust them after surgery, while silicone breast implants are often considered to feel more natural. 

The breast augmentation procedure is typically performed in the hospital by a qualified plastic surgeon. It involves comprehensive consultations and preparation before surgery, anaesthesia, and post-operative care and recovery. 

People choose to have breast implants for a variety of reasons. Some factors that influence the decision to have breast augmentation surgery include:


      • Changes in the volume, size, and shape of breasts after significant weight loss or pregnancy. 

      • A desire to have more symmetrical and proportionate breasts.

      • Congenital or growth aspects, such as underdeveloped breasts and medical conditions.

      • Altered appearance after breast cancer treatment.

    Surgical Options That Influence The Overall Cost of Breast Implants

    Different surgeons offer different surgical and breast implant options, which influences the overall cost. It is vital to discuss and thoroughly understand the choices. Deciding to have breast implants based on cost alone may impact your experience and the outcomes of the procedure.

    The types of augmentation surgery are often categorised into three options. These are low-cost surgery (ranging from approximately $8,000 to $10,000), mid-range surgery (ranging from approximately $10,000 to $14,500), and premium surgery (ranging from approximately $14,600 to $20,000+).

    Factors That Influence The Cost of Breast Implants

    The cost of breast augmentation varies and is influenced by a variety of factors. We will discuss these with you in detail and identify how each will impact the cost for you. 

    Some factors that can impact the cost of breast implants include:


        • The reason you are undergoing the surgery. Breast augmentation that involves medical factors may differ in cost to surgery that is done for cosmetic reasons because different steps and resources may be required. 

        • The experience, skill, and qualifications of the plastic surgeon performing the surgery.

        • The location and type of facility where your surgery will be performed. Some surgeons perform the procedure in a clinic back room rather than a hospital with general anaesthesia. The potential implications involved must be carefully considered.

        • The expenses included in the quote, such as the type and quality of breast implants, type of anaesthetic, hospital fees, consultations, and medication. 

      It is important you are aware of everything required in the entire process before you make your decision to continue. Your surgeon should also make it clear whether the cost could change before your surgery if you are planning the procedure further down the track.

      Can I Claim For The Cost of Breast Implants?

      In most cases, private health insurance providers and Medicare typically do not cover breast implant surgery. This may differ for people who are receiving the surgery for congenital or health-related reasons. We can discuss whether you might be eligible. You should also talk to your provider and Medicare to clarify.

      Understand The Cost of Breast Implants Before Surgery

      If you are considering breast augmentation, there are many factors to understand before making your final decision. We will discuss these with you in detail so that you are well-informed and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

      Please call our friendly team to organise an initial consultation in which you can discuss what is involved in the surgery, what the cost of breast implants may be for you, and whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.



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