Breast Implant Removal – Pros & Cons

Having implant issues, or no longer a fan?

No matter the reason you would like to have your breast implants removed, Associate Professor Dean White performs breast implant removal surgery.

The rate of women removing their breast implants is becoming increasingly popular. After all, implants aren’t designed to last a lifetime.

The reasons for breast implant removal

Here are the common reasons:

  • Medical complications (capsular contracture, breast cancer etc.)
  • Implant issues (burst, ruptured etc.)
  • Concerned about potential associated complications
  • Your personal preferences and lifestyle have changed
  • Clothing restrictions
  • Body weight changes

The PROs of implant removal

The following can all be referred to as pros of removing your breast implants.

Reduction in Pain

Many breast implants can cause pain down the line. For example, larger implants can lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain in women due to their chest weight.

Further, the capsular contracture around the implants, which stiffens the scar tissue can sometimes cause pain and discomfort.

Easier Mammograms

Placement of breast implants above the pectoral muscle makes conducting mammograms more difficult. The mammogram imaging technology is not able to see the pectoral muscle.

These implants also prevent x-ray technology from seeing past the implant. The removal of implants can allow mammograms to be performed easier.

No MRI’s for Ruptures

Getting breast implants removed means there will be no more MRI’s to detect breast implant ruptures.

Recovery is short

The recovery after having breast implants removed is relatively short. After about two weeks you should be recovered. During this time, you will not be allowed to lift, exercise and so on.

Change In Preference

Many women choose to remove their implants due to changing their preference. They may not want breast implants anymore.

Less Clothing Restrictions

If you chose to have large breast implants, you probably came across the issue where many clothes don’t fit your breasts. With the removal of the breast implants, you will have fewer restrictions when it comes to especially swimwear, bras and gym wear.

Less Fear

After having implants removed, you no longer have to worry about ruptures, leaks, or any other medical complications associated with breast implants. Read about possible complications caused by breast implants below.

Health Complications

There are many health complications associated with breast implants, including:

  • Risk of more surgeries
  • Anaplastic large cell lymphoma
  • Breast implant illness
  • Development of scar tissue
  • Breast pain
  • Implant ruptures, leaks or deflation
  • Infection

And, the longer you have your breast implants in, the higher the chances of suffering some of these health complications.

Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

Recently, there has been research suggesting that breast implants are linked to the extremely rare form of cancer known as BIA-ALCL. It has also been more relevant to those with textured implants.

The most common symptom is swelling between the implant and breast implant capsule. If this is connected to breast implants, then removing your implants should naturally reduce your risk.

Read more information from the Department of Health. They also state that medical experts say that removing breast implants presents more risks than the chances of suffering from BIA-ALCL.

Breast Implant Illness (BII)

There has been an increasing number of women suffering from breast implant illness, which are chronic illnesses associated with having implants. The symptoms include headaches, chronic fatigue, rashes, joint pain, anxiety and autoimmune deficiencies.

More research is required, however, many women report symptoms dissipating following implant removal.

The CONs of implant removal

Just as there are pros, there are also cons to breast implant removal. However, the majority are immediate possible side-effects of surgery.

Sagging Breasts and Loose Skin

Removal of breast implants will cause them to return to their original shape. You will no longer have the perkiness or full look the implants offer.

Unfortunately, if you got breast implants to reduce sagging, they may even sag more after removal of implants. Any extra skin can be removed through a breast lift.

Breast Tissue Removal/Mastectomy (this is associated with breast implant ruptures)

This is not an immediate con, as it’s associated with breast implant ruptures. However, when a breast implant ruptures, it leaks silicone gel out into the capsular tissue. This may mean, more breast tissue must be removed to remove any leakages. However, this is usually associated with older forms of implants.


As with the initial surgery, there will be the risk of infection.

Anaesthesia Complications

As with any surgery, there is the risk of anaesthesia.

More Scarring

Breast implant removal surgery may leave more scarring. However, breast implant removal surgery will use the original incision lines from your breast implants.

Loss Of Nipple Sensation

You may have experienced a loss of sensation from your original breast augmentation surgery, especially if it was done using a periareolar incision (bottom of the areolar). Generally, breast implant removal uses the same incision, and so you may experience a greater loss of nipple sensation due to nerves being damaged or cut.

Speak to Associate Professor Dean White

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