Treatment Options For Bingo Wings: The Pros And Cons

Do you find yourself dreading summer as it rolls around? Do you try your best to avoid wearing sleeveless tops to cover up stubborn flabby arms? It’s an experience that many, many people share. Bingo wings and excess upper arm fat or skin is an incredibly common insecurity for people, especially as they get further into adulthood. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available to eliminate this frustrating insecurity altogether.

This blog details some of the common methods for arm reduction and removal of bingo wings. For personalised advice or to enquire about brachioplasty surgery, contact A/Prof Dean White today.

What are Bingo Wings?

Odds are, you’re probably somewhat aware of what bingo wings actually are. For countless people across the globe, the excess weight and skin on the underside of their lower arms can be an infuriating insecurity. For many, discomfort with the way their arms look can affect their happiness throughout warm summer days, changing the clothes they feel comfortable in and limiting them from making the most of sunny weather.

But what exactly are bingo wings? Essentially, they are deposits of loose skin left hanging from the tricep muscle, affecting the overall shape and toning of the upper arm. They tend to hang between the armpit and elbow, and are caused by natural sagging and ageing of our skin.

What Causes Bingo Wings?

As we get older and our bodies change, it’s more than natural for time and gravity to take their course. The development of bingo wings is certainly exacerbated by different factors, however. Excess weight and low muscle mass can both individually increase the likelihood of finding loose skin beneath your arms over time.

Also, though it is unfortunate, women tend to have a higher likelihood of gaining weight beneath their arms. This is because, along with the lower belly and thighs, this area is highly affected by hormones and therefore prone to weight gain.

Popular Treatment Options for Bingo Wings

Anyone can find themselves with bingo wings. Genetic dispositions, weight loss, and age can all play factors, but there is always a variety of different options for anyone to reduce loose skin on their upper arms. Let’s go through some of the most common methods people may use to tighten up their arms, weighing up the pros and cons of each to help you find your best option.

Exercise and Toning

For some people, exercise routines provide a natural way to tighten up their physique and achieve the body they’re dreaming of. Maintaining health is always a huge benefit to our lifestyle, and can work wonders for toning all over the body. While some may certainly find that targeted arm workouts help them with their bingo wings, others may not. In fact, significant weight loss can often lead to excess skin hanging off areas like our arms.


Liposuction is a common, routine procedure that can help target stubborn areas resistant to exercise. While it can be a great option for upper arm reductions in some circumstances, it’s a surgery that will work best for a specific group of people. Targeting fat cells specifically, liposuction may be the right choice if it’s excess fat, not loose skin, causing you trouble in the underarms.

Cosmetic Surgery

Another popular method of upper arm reduction is brachioplasty surgery. Performed as a day procedure, a brachioplasty is a routine procedure that countless people will undergo in their lifetime. Targetting sagging skin and tightening it up completely, brachioplasty can be the best option for anyone who’s lost significant weight or found that their arm skin has simply drooped over time. A big thing to consider, of course, is that there will be thin scarring remaining after the procedure.

Contact A/Prof Dean White to Discuss Surgery Options

You deserve to feel confident and happy in your own body. You certainly don’t deserve to feel self-conscious about the tone and shape of your arm skin. If you’re looking for an upper arm reduction and feel as though a brachioplasty surgery, or another form of cosmetic surgery, could be the best option for you, then start enquiring today!

Reach out to A/Prof Dean White to discuss what will get you the results you’re looking for. Your journey starts with an initial consultation – books yours today.



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